Rental Property Tax Analysis

Will that rental property will save you tax dollars?

The purchase or development of a new rental property may or may not be the tax windfall you’re hoping for. A careful review of your figures with a real world tax calculation can help you make more informed decisions regarding your real estate transactions.

While purchasing real estate is not usually a tax motivated decision, an attractive benefit of a rental property is the tax savings offered to certain taxpayers. The tax rules are very particular and don’t apply to everyone. The Business Tax Group can help you assess the tax benefits of purchasing or developing a rental property.

As part of a rental property tax analysis, The Business Tax Group will give you access to the following information:

  • Clearly explained estimated tax savings offered by the rental property
  • A sketch of the net taxable income and federal form schedule E
  • Federal and state tax depreciation schedules
  • Discussions on LLCs and the tax impact relating to your project
  • Guidance on how to best utilize losses generated by rental property
  • Illustrate the difference between net cash flow and net taxable income

Taxes are more than just numbers in boxes. Your Real Estate business or investment taxes should be a thoughtful and planned processes. The Business Tax Group offers thoughtful, trustworthy tax advice.

The Business Tax Group is a Real Estate tax specialist. With nearly 20 years of experience preparing Real Estate returns in San Diego, The Business Tax Group can ensure your make tax informed decisions. Top quality tax advising makes sure that you don’t pay one dollar more than necessary in tax.

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