S Corporation Tax Planning

Do you have a trusted advisor implementing a winning tax strategy for your Corporation?

S Corporation owners cost themselves thousands of dollars every year due to lack of a solid tax plan.

A thoughtfully prepared tax plan can save you thousands of dollars every year. By taking the time to understand your business style, we can custom fit a tax plan for you.

We spend time developing an awareness, strategizing, and balancing your tax needs versus your business needs. Never breaking rules, always minimizing your tax bill where ever possible.

Questions to ask yourself to identify common Corporate Tax pitfalls:

  • Are you getting real world advice regarding you S corporation tax return?
  • Are you worried about the IRS Reasonable Compensation requirement?
  • Or you over paying yourself, and thereby paying too much tax?
  • Are you properly accounting for health insurance?
  • Is this the best entity for you?
  • What is the tax benefit of a retirement plan?

Taxes are more than just numbers in boxes. Your businesses taxes should be a thoughtful and planned processes. The Business Tax Group offers thoughtful tax advising. We teach our clients how to maximize cash on hand with carefully planned payroll and withholding. Hold cash longer with little or no penalty from the IRS. All with some thoughtful, caring advice.

The Business Tax Group is business tax return specialist. With nearly 20 years of experience preparing business returns in San Diego, The Business Tax Group can ensure you that your tax plan is the best it can be. Top quality tax advising makes sure that you don’t pay one dollar more than necessary in tax.

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